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Collaboration process with BlazeCode

Do you want to start working with BlazeCode? We operate to the highest standards to ensure you have an efficient and enjoyable collaboration at every stage of your project.



Sending a message

The most important thing is to take the first step, which is to contact us, you can do this using the form or by writing to the email addresses given in the footer.




Once we have received your message, you will be contacted by email to select the appropriate form of communication. A conversation will then be scheduled, which may be by phone or online. At such a meeting, there will be a free consultation with a detailed discussion of your project.



Conclusion of contract

Once the project has been discussed in detail and completion dates have been clarified, a contract will be concluded, which is the basis for starting the work. It is a guarantee for both the client and us. The contract covers such elements as completion dates, costs, payment methods and all other details.



Preparation of the prototype

Once the contract is signed, we start working on the project. Initially, a prototype will be prepared as a basis for further work, at which point you can make any changes that will be incorporated in the next phase.



Handing over the finished project

Once the prototype is ready, we start the implementation, which is the transition from the graphic design to the finished project. At this point you can make any changes that will be taken into account in the next phase. Once the implementation is complete, we perform tests to check that all design assumptions have been met; if the tests are successful, you will receive the finished design with a one-year guarantee.

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